In the culmination of a six-year engineering competition, the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE announced the final winners for both the coal – and natural gas – tracks.

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  • Cleaning Coal – Full Measure

    Today’s modern coal plants are not your daddy’s coal plants. And we recently found out about a unique engineering contest being held to make them even cleaner. We’re off to northeast Wyoming near the town of Gillette. Read the article here.

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  • Carbon Capture Could Cut Cost of Climate Change

    A new analysis by the Great Plains Institute and the University of Wyoming describes possible steps that industries in the U.S. can take to lower their carbon dioxide emissions. They propose using carbon capture technology and transportation infrastructure that moves the carbon dioxide to storage locations underground. Read the article here.

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  • Global Pandemic Brings Hardships and Opportunities for Wyoming Energy

    As we begin slowly turning a corner in the COVID-19 crisis, Wyoming is uniquely poised to not only help meet our domestic energy demands but supply a growing international market. To do so, we must continue to invest in our energy infrastructure and ensure we have the best, most innovative energy technologies. Read the article here.

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  • WY Integrated Test Center Receives 2020 Climate Leadership Award

    The Wyoming Integrated Test Center was awarded an ‘Innovative Partnership Certificate’ yesterday at the 2020 Climate Leadership Awards in Detroit, recognizing the pioneering initiative that has brought together private and public leaders to drive the next generation of clean energy technology in the heart of coal country. Read the news release here.

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  • Wyoming ITC Recognized with Peabody Clean Coal Award as Carbon Capture Storage Pioneer

    Orlando, Florida – The Wyoming Integrated Test Center was honored for their leadership in carbon capture storage technology today, receiving the Peabody Global Clean Coal Award at a ceremony in Orlando, Florida. Read the news release here.

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