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Carbon Capture Technology

We must perfect and deploy technologies that can effectively capture carbon molecules directly from power plants’ flue gas, prevent those molecules from being emitted directly into the atmosphere and do so at an affordable price that makes this an economically viable solution in order to achieve emission reduction goals. 

Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is perhaps the most commonly studied and funded technological solution. CCS is a process of isolating CO2 emissions from sources, such as coal-based power plants, capturing and then storing them away from the atmosphere.

CCUS refers to carbon capture, utilization, and storage. Utilization focusing on turning the carbon emissions into a commodity. This is also referred to as carbontech. 


Carbontech offers the opportunity to move beyond only sequestering carbon emissions and mitigate industrial CO2 emissions while generating additional revenue. This new industry aims to turn CO2 from a liability to an asset, utilizing it in the production of everything from fuel, building materials and animal feed to specialty chemicals and plastics. It’s estimated this could be a $1 trillion industry. 

Wyoming has the infrastructure, expertise, and natural resources to advance CCUS technologies from the lab to commercialization. Finding an economically viable way to decrease carbon emissions while turning a waste product into a commodity is a win-win for the environment and the economy.

Wyoming’s ITC aims to serve as a catalyst for strategically aligning Wyoming’s efforts for research, testing, pre-commercialization, and commercialization of CO2 capture and utilization technologies. With the ITC, Wyoming is part of an international collaboration on the commercialization of CO2 utilization technologies using CO2 from both coal and natural gas emissions.

Scientific Findings

Carbon capture technology is being discovered and utilized every single day around the globe. Its potential to play a real role in changing how we use fossil fuels is immense and game changing. Read on to learn more.

Concrete block from carbon emissions created by NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE winner Carbonbuilt
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