Wyoming Integrated Test Center

The ITC is a carbon capture and carbon utilization test center. The center plays a key role in advancing the commercial readiness of carbon management technologies to help the world achieve its carbon goals.

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The Wyoming ITC opened at Dry Fork Station in Gillette, Wyoming in May of 2018. The center provides space for researchers to test Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS) technologies using actual coal based flue gas. Research at the facility will help support jobs, local and state economies and keeps electricity prices low for millions of people around the globe. Read more >

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To balance the need for dispatchable energy and meet carbon goals, we must perfect and deploy technologies that can effectively capture carbon molecules directly from power plants’ flue gas, prevent those molecules from being emitted directly into the atmosphere and do so at an affordable price that makes this an economically viable solution. Read more >

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Public-Private Partnership

The ITC is a public-private partnership that brings together government, industry and cooperatives with the shared goal of developing commercially viable uses for carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. It is only through the leadership, creativity as well as the commitment of capital and personnel resources of the ITC’s private-sector partners that the center has become a reality. Read more >

Interested Technology Developers

Interested technology developers should review the ITC Project Management Guide for details on testing technologies at the ITC. To get the process started contact  Will Morris.

Download the Project Management Guide >

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon

“The Integrated Test Center embodies Wyoming’s spirit of ingenuity and common sense, yet its impacts will be felt worldwide. The facility is uniquely situated to be the home of game-changing carbon capture and use technologies. Wyoming is about finding solutions. I am proud of our state and its partners in making this investment and I am eager to see it fully utilized.”

– Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon

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