ITC facility

Powering the Nation

From coal, oil, gas, uranium and wind—Wyoming is the leading exporter of British Thermal Units (BTUs) to the rest of the country. 

Wyoming knows that developing energy resources and protecting the environment are not mutually exclusive. Together, they contribute to the state’s economic prosperity and quality of life. Wyoming achieves excellence in energy development, production, and stewardship of its natural resources for the highest benefit of its citizens and those the world over.

Wyoming has been working for over a decade to advance policy, infrastructure, research, and financial keys to advance the new carbon economy. The ITC is one of the solutions Wyoming has supported and invested in. 

The ITC’s location in the heart of coal country means a friendly regulatory environment and ample opportunities across the energy and technology space. 

Experienced local contractors, suppliers, and engineers help facilitate installation and operation of test facilities at scale, making the ITC a world-class site like no other.

Additional benefits of testing at the ITC include:

  • Ability to scale-up carbon capture technology out of the lab and move it closer toward commercialization
  • Access to flue gas directly from a coal-fired power plant
  • Networking opportunities with coal customers and industries interested in implementing carbon capture technology
  • Regional airport and access to major highways

Technologies tested and developed at the ITC can also help advance research beyond coal-fired power plants. To have any chance of reaching the level of reductions being touted on the federal level, we will need carbon capture solutions for coal, natural gas, and industrial facilities that can be deployed on a global level.  The technologies developed at the ITC could possibly be used to reduce emissions at steel smelters and cement plants, it is not just limited to power plants.  

Wyoming is committed to finding solutions to carbon emissions and the ITC plays a key role in helping carbon management technologies advance from the lab to commercialization. 

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