Wyoming Energy

Powering the Nation

From coal, oil, gas, uranium and wind—Wyoming is the leading exporter of British Thermal Units (BTUs) to the rest of the country. In 2010, Wyoming produced 10.5 quadrillion BTUs but consumed only 0.5 quadrillion BTUs within the state’s borders. In a global context, if Wyoming were a country, it would rank 10th in overall energy production. 10.5 quadrillion BTUs is greater than the energy consumed by all 114 million U.S. households in a single year.


Wyoming is committed to developing energy resources and protecting the environment. Together, they contribute to the state’s economic prosperity and quality of life. Wyoming will achieve excellence in energy development, production, and stewardship of its natural resources for the highest benefit of its citizens and those the world over.

To learn more about Wyoming’s action plan for energy, environment and the economy, visit the Governor’s Energy Strategy website.